The Perihelion Effect

How to observe Perihelion Day

How to observe Perihelion Day:

Observe the breath for a few cycles.  

  • Bring your consciousness to the fact that today you are closest to the sun.  How do you feel?
  • Recognize that the planet and all upon it are also closest to the sun for a brief time. What do you notice about nature?
  • How bright is the moon?  How intense is the sun?
  • Recognize the Living Things:  how does this season affect them.
  • Recognize Yourself; your moods, appetite, your, sleep patterns, consciousness and perception of time and how it passes.  best if also connected to aphelion observances  January vs July.
  • Develop your own rituals of checking in over a long period of time.

Usually holidays are attributed to a religion or culture.  Or on a personal level birthdays and anniversaries.  This makes them by nature exclusive; an idea of others.

A concept for a new holiday of inclusiveness and peace. A world consciousness event.  Such a modern holiday would acknowledge that we are all on one planet together.  It would be a covenant we all share with planet.  Celebrated with gratitude and joy.  With humble blessings bestowed on the poor and sick and lonely.  A holiday of reunion and heightened senses of reversals of fortune hiding around every corner.  A moment when we all recognize that we are all in this together.  And from that unification of consciousness understand that each life has a duty to every other life.  To allow each to exist as free from suffering and harm as can be.  And in that consciousness redouble our efforts to make peace and freedom win out against the corporate military industrial complex that is driving our world to the brink of collapse.  

You can make this celebration within yourself, if but for a moment, on the day the earth is closest to the sun.

You have been born into the greatest epoch of humankind. What have you done to leave the world a better place than when you left it?  When do you plan to begin?  How much time do you think that you have left? A shift in thinking is how you can help yourself best.

This observance could actually be any time over a one to two week period around day of the variable distance between the two bodies.

The key feature of this holiday is a recognition of time’s cycle over a year.  Thus it should be observed over the longest period of time possible.






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