The Perihelion Effect

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Is this for real ?

Perhaps the most common question I get, besides why would you put so much time into this is ‘is this for real?’.  That question is at the heart of this website’s intention. Paradigm shift and the possibility of reveling underlaying truth by taking a different perspective is the real intention.  Long before I become obsessed with the Perihelion I had already begun to question the rigidity of materialist thinking.  The Perihelion and Perihelion Day are an exploration of the way we know things and what we think we know. 


Is it Layered ?

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the pulsating sun

It is currently about 0.0167; nearly circular. However this offset is enough to produce noticeable effects. In the past epochs, the earth’s orbit was far more eccentric


July 4 2020 the earth will be at its yearly farthest distance from the sun.


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