The Perihelion Effect

Observing World Perihelion Day

The key feature of perihelionism is a recognition of time’s cycle over a year.  Thus it should be observed over the longest period of time possible.


When: January 4th, July 4th

Preparation: Stand or sit in a comfortable position, both feet on the floor. it is best to face sunlight whenever possible.

Before each of these observances, breathe, hold the breath, release the breath. Each step should be practiced for one, three, 13 or 108 cycles

  • Bring your consciousness to the fact that you are closest/farthest to the sun right now.  How do you feel?
  • Recognize that the planet and all upon it are also all closest/farthest to the sun for a brief time.
  • What do you notice about nature?
  • How bright is the moon? How intense is the sun?
  • Recognize the other Living Things:  what is the effect on them.
  • Recognize Yourself. Acknowledge your sensations, perceptions and moods, your energy, your concentration, your appetites 
  • What is your consciousness of time.
  • Notice the energy levels of others around you. Is it different than it was six months ago?

Repeat this exercise at least every six months. For best effect maintain continuity of space-time awareness for as many sessions as possible.


“May I be happy,

May my loved ones be happy,

May all beings everywhere be happy”

  • Keep notes. Use a Moodtracker. 

You can also take credit for knowing something of the perihelion cycle. Something that most people do not know are are not even aware of.  You are a smart person!


Use Mood Tracker App to record patterns of mood perception and consciousness

Perihelion app here

Joseph Schuster

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