The Perihelion Effect

Inventing a New Inclusive Science Fictional Holiday (for smart people)

World Perihelion Day is a science-fictional holiday that celebrates the phenomenon of perihelion, which is the point in Earth’s orbit when it is closest to the Sun. This holiday is unique because it is not based on subjective ideology, but on a scientifically observable fact.

Perihelion Day is celebrated between January 3-5th because the date of perihelion varies slightly from year to year due to Earth’s wobbling orbit. The idea behind this holiday is to recognize the power of the Sun, which has been recognized by humans since before recorded history.

The holiday is not meant to replace other traditional holidays, but to provide a new and unique symbol of unity that connects people to the Sun and the cycles of time. The creator of this holiday also proposes a new conception of time, with a thirteen-part division of the solar year with equal days, which could reveal new observable patterns on a global level.

While Perihelion Day is a pseudo-science fiction holiday, it is a cause for celebration, as it recognizes our connection to time itself and the significance of the Sun in our lives.

The Origins of Perihelionism

What Role Does The Variable Distance To The Sun Play In The Seasons On Earth And How Does That Affect Me?

A Thought Experiment – Conscious connection to time

The concept behind World Perihelion Day is based in fact. This holiday is unique because it is not based in subjective ideology.  Earth and everything on it are closest to the sun on one day.  Regardless of your belief system that is true.  That earth is closest to the sun at one time of year.  Perihelion Day is between January 3-5th because it wobbles.

Let’s choose a day and make a modern worldwide celebration of the Sun. What better symbol of unity?  Since before recorded history humans recognized the power of the sun, probably more intuitively than we do. The solar cycles were the testament to its living power. The sun is a fundamental factor of life.

For modern people, a new holiday that recognizes this fact has universal appeal. It is not Christmas or Hanukkah New Year or Winter Solstice. It is a uniquely universal symbol. The Sun. Yet we honor it so little in our modern world. It appears on logos and currency and ancient monument. But what does the sun mean on a spiritual level in the age of Quantum Time? Holidays are meaningful because they connect us spiritually through time.  This holiday recognizes our connection to time itself.

I felt this solar cycle on a more personal level.  Starting in my teen years and continuing for many years my moods had swung in an oddly predictable pattern. At first, I could not perceive it, but over time it became clear;  my physical and emotional health were in some deep way related to some obscure planetary cycle. Somehow my interest in restoring my psycho-spiritual health led me to construct a new paradigm. One that acknowledges a basic fact that is not commonly known. A phenomenon ripe for the imagination but overlooked or undiscovered. The perihelion.

Earth’s asymmetrical orbit suggested something I had never heard proposed before.

As I focused on the Perihelion I began to detect other patterns of energy and behavior in the people around me. I began to think about how such a yearly change in orbital velocity related to seasons and holidays.

Thought Experiment: The Perihelion has observable effects. 

Start by observing patterns of time and season. Imagine an ellipse with the closest point in January. Are there consequences over time for the rising and falling of velocity, or proximity? What are the reactions?

Observations should be done over many month’s time.  Yearly cycles will become obvious over longer periods of observation. New patterns of mood on individual and group levels will be suggested. When you were conceived on a biological level is also tied whatever perihelion effects there may be.

Is it possible? Yes. is it true?  

We simply don’t know because no scientific study in the west has pointed out this relationship. Why? Because current thinking does not account for the asymmetrical orbit.  The earth is closest on January 4th is an unknown fact even amongst otherwise educated people. (see the Kepler category for the science)

spacetime gif
spacetime distortions

Every great advance in civilization has been accompanied by a new understanding of time. Understanding one’s own place within time is a common goal of human beings. This concept of one’s own time is the product of culture, it changes depending upon observation.

Next Extrapolate Into New Paradigm Of How To Think Of A Year.

A new conception of time could be conceived of as a new thirteen-part division of the solar year with equal days. This paradigm shift would reveal new observable patterns on a global level

I decided that rather than wasting time on conspiracy theories and fake news that have no benefit to my life, I would test my own conjecture about the connections between the earth’s seasons and my own mood swings in way that reaffirms the connection to the planet through time.

Perihelionism and World Perihelion Day are products of that interest. Pseudo-science fiction. Philosophical thought experiment, utopian speculation, flight of fantasy.  I admit all are true. It could be wrong.

Regardless Of Any Objection Perihelion Day Is Cause For Holiday If Ever There Was One.

It Is A Worldwide Event. Can You Think Of Any Other On Such A Grand Scale?

The Significance of Holidays:


These holidays Arbitrary Antiquated Concepts Of Time. 


What Are The Benefits And Shortcomings? Do They Have Noticeable Effects?  


Currently, we celebrate holidays that tell of past miracles, or great historical moments in time. We have metaphors of time’s arrow, time’s cycle, death and rebirth. We relate to the cycle of time hopefully marked by belief in progress, or evolution. We anticipate a future in which things end in cataclysm or paradise.  In order to progress, we must acknowledge that ideas of endings and beginnings are traditional ideas of time. Analog time created order and repetition of which the industrial revolution was born. Circular faces of clocks were a product of technology and related to an idea of return. Lunar time and solar calendars created the grid where common time was observed. Later Digital Time, made of discrete dispassionate disposable moments with no connection to the past or future.  Worst of all there is the material nihilism that pervades our world that devalues everything as meaningless. Now we believe in quantum time and cosmic time even though these concepts are imperceptible at the macro level of everyday life. Or collective consciousness embraces relativity while traveling at the speed of light, even though this abstract concept seems of negligible value in everyday life.  Ideas that while interesting have no influence over the day to day.

Why Has The Sun Been Devalued As A Source Of Spiritual Power In The Modern World?

On the 12th day after Christmas the year 2000 I had an epiphany.  Things shifted as I realized the cycle of the sun is such an important influence on the personal somatic level. Why is it overlooked? What is the sun other than a source of heat and light.

Through my own crisis, a process that lasted years, I had suffered through many highs and lows. I began tracking those moods and the patterns led to my dark depressions. And through that suffering and by observation of it, I began to see the eccentric cycle. Understanding the implications of the Perihelion had brought me back to a basic conclusion; the sun is an eternal  pulsating source of energy and I was small beneath the great sun’s power. It is easy to take it for granted but for me the realization has had profound implications in the way I view myself and the events of the world around me.

I Don’t Know Of Anybody Who Has Thought Of Anything Like The Perihelion Effect Before. It Has No Substantiation At This Point Other Than Your Imagination.  Right Or Wrong It Is Original.

From this new paradigm, this personal touchpoint, I began to conceive of the many direction and effects that the sun may have. I began to feel that an exploration of possibilities was of value to itself.  This blog tries to explore but a few.

Chronobiology & Space-Time Distortions

Recently birth month has been shown to significantly affect health. Diseases such as Seasonal Affective Disorder, bipolar disorder, and depressive mood cycles, and perhaps mass shootings, all seem to have a relationship to time of year by month.  Much is made of the random eruptions of Solar flares and its effect on the communication system, and historical sunspot cycles have strong arguments to suggest that worldwide phenomena such as war civil unrest, historical revolutions. Even viral epidemics in north vs south hemispheres corresponded to long term trends within the sun that are only now being observed and explained. Many of these yearly cycles can be demonstrated as to the effect the real world related to seasons. Traditionally this has been through to coincide with the four seasons conceptualized through the four equal seasons – a symmetric construct, that is not even accurate. But in reality, the earth is constantly changing its distance to the sun so the Euclidian concept of time does not apply. This relationship between Sun and perception of time has hardly ever been considered by most.

What Is That Relationship Of Sun To The Seasons Of Earth?  

It is certainly psycho-physical and yet it is real enough to have been a persistent theme throughout the record of time. Recently the field of Archaeoastronomy had found large durable calendars that record winter observances that might have been made by paleolithic humans give us wonder as to how long in the past we have observed the cycle. 

This distortion has always been a fact of nature on earth. Bring your awareness to it now for the first time. It must be true on an absolutely cellular level in that case.  

If you have read this far you may understand my ambition for this page:

to say something about the perihelion that is interesting and factual that you did not know about.

to speculate about possible connective tissue between various areas of new study as to what the effects of perihelion may be.

to demonstrate how a new paradigm opens the imagination to possibilities never before possible.

A new paradigm to promote world unity is my intention.I thank you for your interest.

I hope the Perihelion Effect spurs your imagination to investigate further.

Joseph Schuster

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