The Perihelion Effect

Paradigm Shifting

We know that people all share a common skill at detecting patterns. We notice those patterns on a more or less material level most of the time because we live primarily and most visibly in the material world on a visual, auditory, and spatial level. But there are also the personal subjective patterns and cycles.
The word “technology” implies “to weave together” in its most basic sense. Time may now be grasped at the atomic level by dissecting it and then categorizing it based on seasons, or cosmic level based on star patterns, holidays, with analog clocks, watches, and binary digital computing.

The fundamental human quest has been to understand our place in our own time. How we fit into the bigger picture. This is a characteristic shared by all of our stories.
Because our culture is monotheistic, we have grown to believe in a deity who has a personality, cares about you, and punishes and rewards you.  It is foolish to think that the Greek pantheon of lovely Mediterranean folks and terrifying monsters represents the God himself.

However, we have learned myths that have not been passed down to tradition, and freshly uncovered archaeological evidence gives us an insight into the true meaning of these myths, legends, and beliefs.

At its most fundamental, human culture is an endeavor to give an individual with a narrative that connects them to time. To answer the same fundamental questions: What happened prior to my birth?
What happens to me after I die?  Is this the actual world? Is this all a dream?
Humanity’s longest obsession has been the reckoning of time.

Prehistoric studies of animal migrations provide insight into the seasonal cycle. Rivers flooding.

Then there is the organizing of people to take advantage of the seasons. Yearly seasons in terms of climate or length of days and nights are the most obvious to an individual. The observations of several generations can be organized into a calendar that cements that pattern.

However, there are numerous ways to split the year, including solar, lunar, and astronomical divisions.

The Gregorian calendar, created by the Pope in the Middle Ages, was accurate enough to construct our society.
The advancement is related to a different understanding of time.
This globally synchronized temporal paradigm has unleashed great power on the planet.
And the planet was swiftly altered.
This is referred to as a ‘paradigm shift’ by Thomas Kuhn in his description of the classical scientific revolution.

We require a new paradigm that takes into account our sense of time and place.
The photograph of the Big Blue Marble altered people’s perceptions of the world.
That is an excellent material metaphor.  It has given rise to a new feeling of global consciousness.

However, it has no bearing on daily life.
Individuals are looking for a way to connect their life to the wider cosmos.
World Perihelion Day has the potential to be a game changer.
We who have embraced the truth of how the earth travels around the sun and this makes a year find it difficult to understand how folks in the past believed for generation after generation that it was the contrary and the sun traveled around the planet.
Or that it passed via a tunnel beneath the earth to get to the other side.
Or that it was carried on the back of a swimming turtle.
Or carried on the shoulders of a titan.
They did, however.
And these justifications were convincing enough to keep people going.
Until there were enough issues, like as Easter falling in January, that the entire calendar needed to be revised.

Religion Angels of God and other intangible creatures such as gods Angels, and other invisible beings actually represent elemental forces that exist beyond your lifetime.  This is map of the collective could also be called the history of ideas.

So now we have a common understanding:  Time is a line and a cycle.  It goes forward in way that has a pattern.  The Holidays help us keep track of those patterns. This is why the Romans had a god for everyday.  This is why the Church made a Saint a Day.  To provide personal connection to time. That personal link is World Perihelion Day.

Consider how many pointless holidays you observe: Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and so on.
Festivus and four-twenty, Groundhogs dau You have no potential for personal insight with these.

However, once you grasp the significance of Perihelionism, it establishes a link between the holidays and the self.
The distance between the sun and the earth.
Because of your proximity to the Sun.
To consider how the influence of the sun’s energy may affect the Earth.
What influence this has on you on numerous bio-spiritual energetic levels.
How this cycle affects everything on Earth.
How that connects you to all species on the world.
To the present.
In both the past and the future.

World Perihelion Day is that intimate connection.

Celebration of World Perihelion Day on January 4th will shift your paradigm or your money back.

Most of us find it difficult to recall our own childhoods, let alone picture what life must have been like 5,100 or 1000 years ago. or 50,000.  And for all that time, humanity have been attempting to comprehend Timeitself. As individuals, we attempt to comprehend an arc that we can only sense via the relics of history, fancy, and imagination. Period.

Human beings are very adept at recognizing patterns. Visually, sonically, spatially, since we live primarily and in most obviously in the material world we see those patterns on a more or less material level most of the time. The word technology means in its most basic sense ‘to weave together’. The technology of understanding time by breaking it down first and then organizing it by season or by star patterns or by holidays or by clocks, watches and binary digital computation, down to them atomic level now. The real human quest has been to understand our place in our own time. Where we fit into the flow. All of our stories all of them share this in common. Religion Gods Angels and other seat unseen beings are the personification of elemental forces that live beyond your own lifetime. Because our culture is monotheistic, we have come to believe in a god being like a person, with a personality that cares about you, and punishes and rewards you  It is naive to mistake the Greek pantheon of beautiful Mediterranean humans and horrible monsters as the God they represent itself. However these myths we have learned and haven’t passed down to legend and recently discovered archaeological evidence give us a glimpse into the true meaning behind these myths legends and believes.

At the most basic human culture is an attempt to provide the individual a story to connect them to time. To answer the same basic questions: What happened before my birth?  Where do I go after my death?  Is this the real life? Or is this just fantasy?

A reckoning of time has been humanity longest obsession. From prehistoric observations of migrations of animals bring understanding of the cycle of seasons. Flooding of rivers. Then organization of people to take advantage of seasons.  Yearly seasons being the most observable to even an individual.  With culture as the observations of many generations can be organized into a calendar that sets that pattern in stone.  However there are many ways to divide up the year, Solar, Lunar, seasonal,

The Gregorian calendar, that medieval system established by the Pope, was sufficiently accurate to create our society.  The progress is due to a different conception of time.  This worldwide temporal synchronized paradigm has unleashed tremendous power upon the world.  And quickly transformed the planet.

This is what Kuhn called a paradigm shift.  We need a new paradigm that will account for our sense of time and place.  The Big Blue Marble photo changed mass conception of the planet.  That is a good material metaphor.  It has created a new sense of world consciousness.  But it is not something that effects everyday life.  Individuals are seeking a connection of their own lives to the larger cosmos.

World Perihelion Day has the potential to be that paradigm shifter.  It is difficult for we who have accepted the truth of how the earth travels around the sun and this makes a year, to understand how others in the past believed for generation after generation that it was the opposite and the sun when around the earth.  Or that it traveled in a tunnel below the earth to come through the other side.  Or that it was carried on a swimming turtle. Or held upon the shoulders of a titan.  But they did.  And these explanations were good enough that they sustained people.  Until there were enough problems, like easter ending up in January, that the whole calendar needed revision.

So now we have a common understanding:  Time is a line and a cycle.  It goes forward in way that has a pattern.  The Holidays help us keep track of those patterns. This is why the Romans had a god for everyday.  This is why the Church made a Saint a Day.  To provide personal connection to time.

World Perihelion Day is that personal connection.  Think of how many mindless holidays you celebrate; Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.  Four-Twenty and Festivus even. These provide you with no opportunity for personal insight.  But when you come to understand the significance of Perihelionism it provides a bridge between the holidays and the self.  Between the sun and the earth.  Of your relative closeness to the Sun.  To a contemplation of how the effects of the energy of the sun may effect the planet.  How this effects you on various bio-spiritual energetic levels.  How all things on earth are effected by this cycle.  How that ties you to all creatures of the planet itself. To life.  To the past and to the future.

This new information has the potential to shift your paradigm of your relationship to the world around you. Consider the ramifications for understanding seasonality, disease, astrology, ancient culture, history, prediction, divination. Wonder why this information isn’t part of our cultural or scientific understanding already.  Meditate of how your personal cycle fluctuates with the planet and the seasons.

Celebration of World Perihelion Day on January 4th will shift your paradigm or your money back.


Joseph Schuster

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