The Perihelion Effect

Could an annual  phenomena of nature effect your Moods and Emotions

how far am I from the sun today?

When is perihelion?

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If you experience;

Holliday Stress
An increase in anxiety starting around the end of November 88%
Seasonal Depression
An noticeable let down after the New Year. There is a reason it peaks in February. . 80%
Mood Swings
Heightened emotions around christmas time 92%
increased focus, imagination, magical thinking
I have an unusually curious mind, 66%

The perihelion effect is a scientific theory that explains it all

Eliptical Orbits

All planets in our solar system travel around the sun in elliptical orbits. The distance to the sun for the Earth varies by about 1.7%. We are closest to the sun in January (perihelion) at about 91.1 million miles (146.6 million km). We are furthest from the sun in July (aphelion) at around 94.8 million miles (152.6 million kilometers). The average distance from the sun to the Earth is known as 1 Astronomical Unit, (1 AU or about 93 million miles)


Scientific Studies conclude sun affects the mind and body

559,234 mph

The Earth is also rotating at its axis at about 1,070 miles per hour. So you are simultaneously hurtling around the sun at 66,600 mph while sitting on a rock that is spinning at 1,070 mph. On top of that, our whole solar system is rocketing through space around the center of the Milky Way at around 559,234 mph.

The Earth is going fast

The Earth orbits the sun at a speed of about 18.4 miles per second or about 66,600 mph.

The orbits of planets are elliptical. They carve out equal areas in equal times.
Johanes Kepler
We see the world in terms of our theories
Thomas Kuhn
critic & philosopher
Imagination does have limits. And yet, imagination is infinitely flexible. The building blocks of imagination are experience, so if you haven't experienced something, you can't use that as the basis of imagination. ... Because the number of ways of combining concepts is practically unbounded, imagination can seem infinite.
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What is perihelionism

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