The Perihelion Effect

Reality is inter-subjectivity

“I would go beyond Peirce to suggest a unity between truth and reality, truth and perspective, and the humanistic world and the transcendental world. Perspective seeking verses truth seeking can be viewed as another version of the subject-object spilt introduced by DesCartes. Barrett (1986) criticized this dualism as unnecessary: Most modern philosophers ranging from phenomenologists to analytic philosophers rejects the Cartesian dichotomy. For modern philosophers, inter-subjectivity is more suitable to epistemology. Knowledge is a result of inter-subjectivity–I am a part of reality, and reality is a part of me; truths carry perspectives, and perspectives contain truths. The world I know is partly shaped by my input, and being who I am is partly caused by the input from the world. In this sense, there isn’t a reality entirely independent of human inquiry; neither a perspective without the influence from the world.”

Joseph Schuster

Claude 3 Haiku

Here is some additional content building on the blog post about the power of perihelion: The Perihelion Effect: A Shift in Consciousness The perihelion, the

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