The Perihelion Effect



  1. the branch of biology concerned with natural physiological rhythms and other cyclical phenomena.

Alexander Chizhevsky: Physical Factors of the Historical Process

In 1922 Alexander Chizhevsky a young Belarusian scientist, unveiled to the world a preposterous theory: that all the great upheavals in the history of man, such as social unrest, war, and revolution, were caused by the activity of the sun. These extraordinary claims, contained in his first book, Physical Factors of the Historical Process, were greeted with near …

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Month of Birth Patterns North vs South hemispheres

Month-of-Birth Patterns in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere One of the first scholars to be interested in the effect of month of birth on longevity was Ellsworth Huntington. In his book “Seasonality” (1938) he described the relationship between the seasons of the year and social, psychological, and demographic phenomena. On the basis of 10,890 persons …

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Ritucharya: Ayurvedic Seasonal Regimen

  Weather changes according to season. These changes in the atmosphere affect all living beings. Some changes are beneficial, while others are detrimental. In order to achieve maximum benefits from the good qualities of the atmosphere and protection from the bad effects, Ayurveda has prescribed certain guidelines about diet and life style called seasonal regimen …

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Alexander Chizhevsky

Alexander Chizhevsky Russian: Алекса́ндр Леони́дович Чиже́вский(also Aleksandr Leonidovich Tchijevsky) (February 7, 1897 – December 20, 1964) was a Soviet-era interdisciplinary scientist, a biophysicist who founded “heliobiology” (study of the sun’s effect on biology) and “aero-ionization” (study of effect of ionization of air on biological entities).[1] He also was noted for his work in “cosmo-biology”, biological rhythms and hematology.”[2] He may be most notable for his use of historical …

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newly discovered compass protein lines magnetic fields It took a long time for scientists to believe that animals were capable of sensing our planet’s magnetic field, and while we now know this so-called magnetoreception is very much a real phenomenon, researchers have yet to grasp a deep understanding of how this is achieved. Now, scientists are starting to piece together this …

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Tchijevsky’s Theory of Sunspot Activity and Human Activity

Translation 1: To test his hypothesis that sunspot cycle influenced human activity, Tchijevsky constructed an Index of Mass Human Excitability covering each year form 500 BC to 1922 AD. He then investigated the histories of 72 countries during that period, noting signs of human unrest such as wars, revolutions, riots, expeditions and migrations, plus the …

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How the Sun Affects Our Minds

More than three-quarters of all instances of human unrest—battles, upheavals, riots, revolutions, and wars—occur during the periods of the maximum number of sunspots in the Sun… So powerful is this cosmic zeitgeber that it may even influence our physical size, our longevity, our mental stability, our propensity to violence, and possibly even what we consider our uniquely …

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observing the body’s cycle

I think that the ancients realized this relationship through yoga and self study. By observing the body’s cycle superimposed over the calendar’s these sages and shamen made predictions based on their understanding of the celestial dynamics.  As records and observations improved, the calendar has changed significantly and holidays moved to suit these observations.  The heliocentric understanding of universe seemed …

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