The Perihelion Effect

the end of Perihelionism?

december 28, 2019

The most frustrating thing about seeing something new is not being able to communicate it to the world.

Once again another year will pass by and nobody will take note of Perihelion the earth and sun’s closest day. Let alone recognize this for the symbolic nature of the new day of planetary unity, I suppose it does not matter because the world seems so very far away from unity at this time that another small cry for raising the possibility of a conscientious step forward seems futile at this moment. 

Despite my pessimism I put it out to the world again. Perihelion Day is an idea worth promoting because it is so rich for the imagination in a time when most people are entrenching the old paradigms, And it is a clever post New Years hangover holiday. Not based in ideology, religion, spirituality, atheism. Just fact. And knowing truth has an effect once it enters consciousness.

This is a rare opportunity to implant a thought, a meme that really means something new positive and progressive. It is your own chance to reprogram and upgrade your software to the next level of unitary consciousness.

Don’t pass up your next opportunity to recognize this yearly phenomena of our planet.

Joseph Schuster

The Power of Perihelion

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