The Perihelion Effect

Why is New Year just after the start of winter?

It seems strange that New Year is in the middle of the cold winter.  Shouldn’t it be in spring time? Or winter equinox? Traditionally it was and many lunar calendars place it closer to the spring equinox than the winter solstice.

Before 45 BC, the Roman calendar was a mess, and much of our so-called “knowledge” about it seems to be little more than guesswork. Originally, the year started on 1 March and consisted of only 304 days or 10 months. New Year was moved to January to coincide with the Gregorian solar calendar in the 1500s. The question is It is close to the perihelion by accident or by design? Closer than the calendar of the druids, or the Romans, or the Middle Ages pontiff. Moving the New Year to a two day holiday of January 4th-5th would represent our current level of consciousness about our relationship to the cycle of time.  Understanding about the science of sun and its relationship to the planet we live on.  The ever changing recurrent cycles of the sun and the environment it creates are usually subtle, however their effects can be observed over time.

A new 13 month 28 day calendar would be a marker of how planetary consciousness is the evolution of our time. Every month begins on a monday and ends of a Sunday. At the end of the year there are two extra days of New Years Eve and New Year’s Day.  A celebration of the cycle of the year and an acknowledgement of both sun and moon and our humbleness betheath their powers.

Joseph Schuster

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