The Perihelion Effect

Mercury Going Retrograde without Astrology

Could Mercury going retrograde be affecting you. Astrologers and new age devotees will claim it has an effect on behavior. However as an rational scientist could tell it is just an optical illusion.

Perihelion is an actual phenomena, not an optical illusion.

The Perihelion, an actual planetary phenomena, is unknown or accounted for amongst the populace and remains undescribed within the current way of thinking.  The idea of Mercury retrograde has convinced a large segment of the population that an optical illusion can influence mood and consciousness. True or not, the idea of as organizing principle has found resonance on the personal level beyond the Astrology community. 

Yet the eccentric orbit of our own planet gets ignored. Why is that? Such an idea isn’t even dismissed as a ridiculous possibility, as the movement of Mercury is by scientists. The obvious is ignored in favor of the esoteric. I confidently predict that if the perihelion paradigm gains wider knowledge that it will become the source of speculation along the lines of the Mercury retrograde crowd.  But given that this organizing principle is founded in fact I predict that these effects will be much more significant in terms of long term predictable perturbations of the mind and emotions.


How does this affect the planet? 

Joseph Schuster

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