The Perihelion Effect

Summer Mailaise

After the sun reaches its furthest point from the sun, sometime after July 4th there is a gradual momentum shift for the planet as a whole. The relative slowness of the orbit of the earth around the sun at this furthest point, begins to shift as the earth will quicken its velocity through the ether of space with increasing rapidity. But this transition is not as abrupt as the turning of the season around the perihelion. Unlike the frenzy of winter holidays* and subsequent depressive fall off There is a moment of rest in the eco-pyscho-system system as earth slowly gathers momentum. This period is a specific period in the summer from the end of July on through the dog days. Traditionally Dog Days and the psycho-physical shift attributed to them has been related to the heat of summer, and the obvious effects that heat has on slowing things down in their blooming glory. But if you reconsider this in terms orbital variations, it seems obvious that the elliptical nature of the orbit also accounts for the seasonal variations in the collective consciousness. Its is easy to confuse the obvious causes with the more subtile mechanisms. One can not readily determine the relative distance to the sun from personal observations. However temperature, the angle of the sun, the length of days, these are easy to grasp as being the cause of most notables seasonal things. However the million mile difference and a substantial velocity difference seem equally as likely sources for some of these affects. Who has studied the elements of chronobiology which have to do with orbital, as opposed to axial dynamics? *northern hemisphere winter
Joseph Schuster

Claude 3 Haiku

Here is some additional content building on the blog post about the power of perihelion: The Perihelion Effect: A Shift in Consciousness The perihelion, the

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