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2019 January

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Wide ranging implications of an undiscovered perihelion effect remain unexplored

It Seems Undeniable That There Must Be Some Effect From This Variable Distance And Change Of Orbital Velocity.

consider your own experience.

  • Have you noticed a sudden rise of energy that pivots and falls in December and the later part of year?  
  • Do you notice the heightened emotions of others around you?
  • How often have your heard someone comment ‘I hate the holidays’?
  • What about post-new year malaise, weight gain and depression?   Could this be somehow related to some perihelion effect?
  • Are human perceptions and emotions affected by an increase of solar energy?

We do not know because it has not been thoroughly investigated.  Further research into the field of Chronobiology can be found below


If this is a universal phenomena than it should have global effects. Many different thought experiments and anecdotal ideas could be the basis for farther research. This is also true of the academic and personal layers of experience.

For example. this so-called perihelion effect might be reflected in the structure of the holidays and patterns of behavior during the December holiday cycle.

An in-depth examination of the holiday hypothesis can be found here.

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