The Perihelion Effect


The Perihelionism Times 2019

Perihelionist 2019 January the pulse | the slingshot | Holiday Highs and Lows…. Wide ranging implications of an undiscovered perihelion effect remain unexplored It Seems Undeniable That There Must Be Some Effect From This Variable Distance And Change Of Orbital Velocity. consider your own experience. Have you noticed a sudden rise of energy that pivots …

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Elementor #2852

A visual illustration of the subjective observer phenomena.  The warping of  dimensions the allow observers a to experience the waveform collapse simultaneously yet distinctly

Ophiuchus & the new zodiac

Horoscope Hang-Up: Earth Rotation Changes Zodiac Signs By Megan Friedman @megancarolJan. 13, 2011 If you’re the type of person who relies on mysterious-sounding locations of stars to determine your personality and outcome in life, get ready to be shocked. The field of astrology, which is concerned with horoscopes and the like, felt a major disruption from astronomers, …

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A Remark on the Occurrence of Revolutions; 1918

A Remark on the Occurrenceof Revolutions William James Sidis Foreword by Boris Sidis Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 1918, 13, 213-228.     FOREWORD TO “A REMARK ON THE THE OCCURRENCE OF REVOLUTIONS” BORIS SIDIS The following paper is timely and interesting from a scientific point of view in general and from a psychological standpoint in particular. The present European war …

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