The Perihelion Effect

Epiphany (holiday)

Epiphany (Greek for “to manifest” or “to show”), is a Christian feast day which celebrates the “shining forth” or revelation of God in human form in the person of Jesus Christ. The feast falls on January 6. Western Christians commemorate the visitation of the Magi to the child Jesus on this day, i.e., his manifestation to the Gentiles. Eastern Christians commemorate the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River, his manifestation as the Son of God to the world.

The Perihelion moves within a narrow range of days due to many complicated orbital calculations.

January 6th was the Feast of the Epiphany in the pre-Gregorian calendar.  It is still considered Christmas Day in Eastern Orthodox Church.

It is the day the Three Wise Men  arrived to adore the new born Jesus.

I do not take this a reference to christianity.  It is just honoring a holiday that recognized the magic and wonder and wisdom.  The supernatural feeling that manifested in the dark of winter.  Perhaps the star they sought was none other than the sun itself and its glorious pulsations.

Joseph Schuster

Claude 3 Haiku

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