The Perihelion Effect

One billion people simultaneously demanded Change… and they got it!

Six months ago – One billion people all around the world simultaneously demanded change.

September 2019 All of us beseeched the earth goddess for her help in influencing governments and institutions. This level of psychic synchrony is unprecedented in human history. It seemed like it would take decades to change let alone reset the baseline.

Now there has happened arguably the one of the most significant changes in modern history. A change of biblical proportion, and along with it the biggest pollution reduction ever noted. How these two unprecedented events not be conceptually linked? You may scoff at such a wacky notion. But the implications are real. A realtime inexplicable example of manifestation.

Our prayers were quickly answered. We are in shock at the result. Maybe we should have been more specific.

You hear about downside to our world lockdown everywhere. There’s a flipside as well.

Will the people remember this return to natural harmony when they fuck it all again when industry is turned on again?

Can we recapture that positive energy and focus on the future now that the goddess as shown her power to humble us?

This is the way nature works and this is a reminder that we are part of the natural world.

Joseph Schuster

Claude 3 Haiku

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