The Perihelion Effect

Reality is inter-subjectivity

“I would go beyond Peirce to suggest a unity between truth and reality, truth and perspective, and the humanistic world and the transcendental world. Perspective seeking verses truth seeking can be viewed as another version of the subject-object spilt introduced by DesCartes. Barrett (1986) criticized this dualism as unnecessary: Most modern philosophers ranging from phenomenologists to analytic philosophers rejects the Cartesian dichotomy. For modern philosophers, inter-subjectivity is more suitable to epistemology. Knowledge is a result of inter-subjectivity–I am a part of reality, and reality is a part of me; truths carry perspectives, and perspectives contain truths. The world I know is partly shaped by my input, and being who I am is partly caused by the input from the world. In this sense, there isn’t a reality entirely independent of human inquiry; neither a perspective without the influence from the world.”

Joseph Schuster

The Power of Perihelion

We are all familiar with the idea of holiday stress. That feeling that time is going by faster and faster from Autumn until New Years.

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