The Perihelion Effect

winter stories of reversals of fortune

Holiday musings:

saturniliaReversal of fortune is one of the most common themes of Christmas stories and movies. Stories of personal crisis and loves won and lost seems to be inherent in the season. You would be surprised to know that this idea dates back to over 2000 years ago to the celebration of Saturnalia where masters and slaves reversed roles.

Dickens and even the Christ story itself is about a great changing birth and rebirth.


Why 4 days after the winter solstice instead of on it? Because Christmas plus 12 days arrives at January 4th – the perihelion.

The linking of the seasonal tilt of the axis to the ultimate proximity of the earth sun cycle. This day in the Christian calendar is called the feast of epiphany. The day the three wise kings known as Magi arrived from the east bearing precious gifts to honor the purely born one. The revelation of the truth is that all beings share one earth.

Hannuka is about light being extended another week past its expectancy by a miracle of faith.

Glowing candles lit for the eighth night of Hanukkah
Glowing candles lit for the eighth night of Hanukkah

For one day this season, regardless of where you are on the planet, you all absorb that extra basking in the intensity of the sun, creator, and sustainer of life, symbol of the source. This truth of unity has been lost to confusion and ignorance over race, religion, color, species, subject/object. The truth is something we are capable to apprehend and honor even if e can only touch it briefly. Humans are able to see the planet as one then they must know it.

Could spacetime dilation around the time of the perihelion explain these odd perceptions? Are winter holiday miracles a distortion of perception around this special time of year?

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