The Perihelion Effect

Author: Joseph Schuster


The Power of Perihelion

We are all familiar with the idea of holiday stress. That feeling that time is going by faster and faster from Autumn until New Years.

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Virus Seasonality

Why do dozens of diseases wax and wane with the seasons—and will COVID-19? Scientists are unraveling why each pathogen has its own calendar Different diseases

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The Perihelionism Times 2019

Perihelionist 2019 January the pulse | the slingshot | Holiday Highs and Lows…. Wide ranging implications of an undiscovered perihelion effect remain unexplored It Seems

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World Perihelion Day

the end of Perihelionism?

december 28, 2019 The most frustrating thing about seeing something new is not being able to communicate it to the world. Once again another year

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